Fitness Monday: Trying out the 5:2

Two weeks ago, my friend Julie told me she'd decided she wanted to try the 5:2, and said she could use a partner. So I promised to join her for a month-long trial. Weight loss has been slow - I've lost six pounds since the beginning of Resolution 2014. Granted, things have gone in fits and starts in the exercise department, and travel and holidays have provided more than enough interruptions. But I keep plugging away, figuring slow and steady is better than not.

The 5:2, also known as the Fast Diet, has some interesting science behind it. In a nutshell, it's this: two days a week, you reduce your calories to a total of 500 (600 if you're a man). You can eat one meal or two. You can fast on consecutive or non-consecutive days. Because your body is being "shocked" by the calorie reduction, but the next day you go back to eating a normal amount of calories, the thought is that your metabolism gets a jumpstart. The key, too, is not to go totally hog wild on your non-fasting days, but to keep things mostly healthy and balanced.

I'm not one for fad diets of any kind, knowing most of them don't work in the long term, and that it's sustainable life change that really works, but I figured the 5:2 was worth a short-term try. I have to admit, I'm curious. My metabolism can use all the help it can get. So Julie and I are fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. We each eat a 200-calorie high protein breakfast and a 300-calorie dinner of protein and veggies. We check in with each other when the hunger pangs hit, usually in mid-afternoon, and trade dinner ideas. I

The results? I lost five pounds last week, but I'm chalking that up to the usual behavior of the body on the first week of any diet. It will be subsequent weeks that tell me whether or not this really has the potential to work. And in the long term, I'll see whether whatever I lose stays off when I stop fasting.

More to come.



  1. Wow! I made it into your blog...I feel so proud:-) So, for the record I lost 2.5 pounds last week and about 1/4 inch on my waist. I also tend to disregard the first week's results of any diet. However, the difference here is that I REALLY did not "diet" on the other days. There is something so freeing about only having to count calories on 2 of 5 days. We'll see how this week goes, but so far I'm liking this!

    1. You're too funny! I haven't measured but should have! Maybe I'll do that this week!